I'm Pam from Texas. I am an elementary teacher and I am learning about Wiki's for a graduate class. It does look interesting.

Hi I'm Megan from Queensland Australia and I'm learning about wiki's as part of uni course to become a high school teacher! :)

Hi, I'm Amy! Like Megan (above), I am also from Queensland, Australia and am learning about many different ICT tools that can be incorporated into the classroom. I am also undertaking a university course to become a Business / Tourism high school teacher. Can't help but wonder if we're doing the same course Megan.... Happy learning / exploring to us all :)

Hello! I'm Donna from England, a Middle Leader for Personalised Learning Programmes and Class Teacher of KS2-4 PMLD pupils. I'm here exploring what wikis are about.

Hello, I am Caroline Camara. I am the Innovation Coach for Addison Northeast Supervisory Union in Bristol, VT. I am working with 6 school - 5 elementary and 1 Middle/High school, to develop more personalized elarning and tech. integration issues.

Hi, I'm Mindy. I live in PDX and happy to find this site!

Hello. I'm Carol, a teacher in Missouri. I'm interested in creating a wiki for my science classes.

Hello, my name is Ruth, and I am a parent in Ontario, Canada interested in learning about wikis to facilitate sharing of family travel destinations within our school community.

Hi! I'm Pam, an Adult Ed Master's student from Rhode Island. I am a former middle school English teacher back in school to move into adult education. I'm visiting this website to learn how to use Wikis and to get ideas on ways in which they can be integrated into a literacy classroom.
Nihao! I'm Angela Kolter, teaching and living in Isla da Taipa, Macau, CHINA. I'm here to learn how to use digital spaces to enhance learning in my IB classes. Excited to learn.
Hi, I'm Kim. I'm taking a ESOL course and wanted to check out how to use Wikis in the classroom.
Hi, I'm Jane. Using Wiki's in a course I'm taking this week, so I'm trying to get familiar with it.
G'day from Australia!
Thanks for this Wiki Walk! I'm Anne, a teacher from St. Louis!I'm Julie from Michigan. I'm taking an online workshop and [[#|learning]] all I can about Wikis :)

Hey....I'm Karen from Philly...I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade Honors ELA...want to get my kids more involved in literary discussions using the digital world :)
Hello All! I am Brianne from Montana, USA and I'm an elementary education minor learning more about integrating technology into the classroom!
Hi I'm Karen from Chicago. I'm taking an [[#|online course]] and I'm researching how to implement wikis in a 6th grade class. Very intriguing!

Hi Terrie here...just starting a course in [[#|Early Childhood Education]] and wikis are to be used in our assessments...just came here to find out all about them...thank you TeachersFirst for such an innovative site.
Dr. Ryan James here, an American university instructor in Budapest, Hungary. I am investigating the use of Wikis for my Journalism and Writing specialization for the BA program in American Studies.

Hi Just trying to learn more about wikis!! Thanks!
Hello I'm Christine and this I am new to the wiki world...but I am excited to use it as a special needs Teacher!Howdy! Thanks for your insight into wikis.

Hello! Just checking out the idea of a wiki.

Good read content about watch nfl games online.Hello! I'm Ms. Isaac, and I'd like to share a project wiki for our work on a Learning Technology Grant and our third grade Wiki. I teach in Far Rockaway, Queens, (NYC). Hope you enjoy our wikis.

Hi! :::waving::: Michelle here :) I am a high school teacher from North Carolina and am taking an online course on e-learning. Just looking to become a touch more "techno-savvy" so I can stay reasonably up to speed with my high schoolers, as well as create educationally relevant, interactive lessons for them.
Hi! I was just trying out the tutorial to see how it works :)
Hello! I'm a teacher from central WI. I am starting my masters in [[#|Educational Technology]] and I'm learning how to use wikis!

Hi! I'm doing an online course and getting ideas for using wikis in elementary school.

Hello, I'm a middle school math teacher taking a course on Digital Citizenship. I'm interested in beginning a wiki for my class.

Teacher from Kansas, making a wiki for a class.

Hi - I'm a teacher from Australia who is exploring various educational delivery tools for vocational education sector.
I'm doing my project on how to use Wikis right now. I'm trying to figure out if there is any better function than Google Doc.
Trying to play catch up and introduce a wiki to our UK based primary school (3-11 year olds) www.Kingscourt.org.uk Very helpful site thank you.

hey hey hey.... Mark from PA taking a class and looking at this wiki as part of the class.

Hi tech lovers! I'm Vicki from Rhode Island. Just here to check things out!
Hi! Karen here from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have a project that might benefit from a wiki. Thanks for this helpful site!
Hi Wiki Learners :) Lori from Ohio...thank you for having this helpful site!

Hi, this is the first time I have accessed a WIKI. I am learning about WIKI in a class I am taking, and I must create my own, so I am just trying to get ideas on how to do it!

Hi I am very new to WIKI's but having fun learning :)

HI I'm Tracy and I am taking a class where I am exploring wikis.

Hi... I'm Sue from Minto, NB, Canada and I'm trying out this site as part of the education program at St. Thomas University in the Educational Technologies class. Thanks for allowing me to see how practical a WIKI is :)


I'm Jeff from Pennsylvania. We have used a wiki to create an educational collaborative with a school in St. Marc, Haiti.

Our pilot wiki project
Our current wiki project
Our GG project updates

I'm Cheryl from Montgomery, Al. I am very excited about using Wikis for the first time with my third graders.

7-17-11 Lesley from Oregon. I am not sure I am signing in at the correct spot and all...maybe if dates were included, I would feel more confident that I was in the correct newbie spot. Then wondering if, in the long run, does it really matter... :)
I love learning new stuff that I can really get behind and use in my classroom. I have been teaching a long time and it's that being a lifelong learner that keeps teaching joyful. On with the quest.
I'm Pam from Grand Rapids, MI. I teach 4th grade, 5th grade Science, am co director of the After School CareProgram as well! I use wikis in school for many purposes, but I love to share with others who also use technology, and I hope to connect with teachers in other places besides Michigan. I follow teacher's first but this is the first time I have posted.
Sheila from Miami. First time visitor.

Hello, I am Tracey and I am Technology Resource teacher. I am interested in using a Wikispaces with teachers. I plan to demonstrate how a wiki can be used with students in the classroom.

hi , i'm brian from NZ wanting to reaqaint myaself with wikis!

Hola!! soy Maritza Jannet de Ecuador estoy en un proyecto con las TIC en el aula, su primera etapa fue aplicación de los BLOGS para realizar los informes de laboratorio de Física, denominados INFORMES VIRTUALES. Hoy me encuentro en lo que considero una segunda etapa la aplicación de las WIKI en el aula he ideado un proyecto bastante interesante, pero como una ironía del proceso me encuentro con el inconveniente de no poder registrar a los estudiantes participantes de una vez; en algún sitio había esta información pero me perdí ;y, en esa búsqueda me encuentro con este sitio en el que realizo mi primer registro de este proceso espero no incomodarlos, si gustan pueden visitar uno de los blogs obtenidos en la primera etapa:

I'm Liz from Oregon. Just trying to learn about what a wiki does. Thanks for having this wiki.

Hi, I am Rachel from Connecticut. I am interested in using a wiki page for communication of best practices and lessons among volunteer literacy teachers.

Hi, I am Joe from New York. I teach computer/technology and just taking a look at WIKI.

Hi, I'm Katie from WI. At our staff meeting we were basically introduced to Wikis so I thought I had better investigate some more.

Hi, I'm Mary from kentucky. I teach business/technology classes in a local high school. I am just now navigating the site after taking some PD this summer on utilizing more Web 2.0 applications in my curriculum. I am excited about adding more technology in my student's learning experience.

Hello All, I am a science teacher/ teacher consultant from London and neew to Wikis even though I had an account since 2007.

Hi, I'm Sandy from San Francisco, California. I've been a high school teacher, a materials developer, and a teacher trainer. I'm taking a great course in multimedia for online teachers and this is one of the good places they've sent me. I'm ready to go.

Hi I am Judy from Adelaide Australia and just visiting to see how teachers use this site. Can't wait to get started.

My name is Olive, and I too am seeing what I can find out. I live in Tasmania, the island state of Australia, which is separated from the mainland by Bass Strait.
Just playing around and seeing what I can do with my students.
Hi I'm Johny and I'm happy to present my site Levitra No prescription

I'm new to wikis too, and I'm just trying to figure it out and see what I can do on it.
Hi I am Jeannie from Marblehead, Ma. I am taking a course on emerging technology, and trying to figure out wikis too!

im a teachers aid and im trying to figure out how to use this.
I'm Karen and I'm just trying this out.
I'm Judith from Inverloch Australia and I too am just trying to figure this out so our Year 8 students can use it to create a digital portfolio of their year and their achievements that they can constanly update

Help Kidz Learn

Jeanne I apologize, I am on here playing around and as I typed it took out letters from your post. I tried to fix it, but it kept taking out more letters. :-( Lisbeth

Hello, I am Lisbeth from southern DE. I am learning more about wikis so I can use them for collaboration projects in my chorus and general music classes.

I'm J from PA and currently working on learning more about the web 2.0 skills needed to help my students be successful. I teach 8th grade science and am developing a science wiki of my own for my classes!

Hello, I'm Beth from California. Thanks for the great site.

Hi, my name is Penny and I live in Fort Collins Colorado. My daughter is presently using a wiki to work back and forth with her tutor. They are writing a summary for the book "Hoot." I am actually doing a project for my masters program in reading on the impact the use of a wiki will have on motivating my daughter to read and write. So far she's very motivated!

Hi I am from Lahore, Pakistan , exploring and learning how can we make the best use of this wonderful technology. I have also embedded the information revolution video on '' Technical How to" page on the left side.
It's so exciting to see comments from around the world... I'm from Massachusetts, and the possibilities are endless, aren't they?

Hi, I'm a school librarian in Dallas, Texas, and I'm learning how to set up a wiki for my school. This is fun!

Hi I am Jill Nicholson from Lake Jackson Texas. I was wanting to learn about copyrighting and plagarism for students.
Is this really how we sign in? This is great and amazingly simple! So simple, in fact, I kept looking for the comments section and didn't realize I just start typing right here. I cannot believe have not ventured to do this sooner. Thanks TF!
- Alicia S., Mechanicsburg, PA

llo all--I just set up a wiki for teachers who are just learning to use interactive whiteboards with links to lessons, tutorials, and ideas. I want to use the concept for my computer and composition classes next fall. The technology is the easy part--coming up with good projects is the part I am struggling with. I am finding lots of interesting ideas to help.

Boy, this IS easy. I'm a speech pathologist working in a middle school, and I can see all kinds of possibilities.

Wow! Is this going to be as easy as clicking on "edit this page"? I'm Sue, a math teacher, and this looks like a great idea. Hmm, I have to continue to check this out!

That was easy, too

Hi from Long Branch, NJ. I'm a hs computer teacher, love 21st Century learning and am excited that Teacher's First developed a wiki. Other's you might be interested in are classroom20 and Future of Education.

Hi, I'm Kim Walsh and though I currently live and teach in Delaware, I grew up in Long Branch New Jersey!!! So I had to put my info underneath this one!! I wish I knew who you are! I starting teaching computers to grades K-8 in Catholic schools in 2005 to see if I would like it, and am now working towards certification and furthering my education. This is my 3rd career: Social Worker for 7, Mainframe Computer programmer for 8, and now teaching for 4. I've had a wiki for well over a year, but my dual job of computer teacher (K-8) and Technology Coordinator (sole maintenance tech person), I've not had a lot of time to get it off the ground. I decided this summer to get mine going and will make a link to it here when it's complete. It is so much fun!!

Hi everyone! Kia Ora from New Zealand...what a great and easy site to use! Thanks

Sheila from Brattleboro. Greetings, looking forward to getting to learn my way around.

Kia ora, Sarah from New Zealand excited to be giving wiki a go

Hola, Soy maestra de espanol y es la primera vez que hago wiki. Espero aprender e incorporarlo con mis estudiante este ano escolar.

Hi, I'm Ian from New Jersey hoping to incorporate Wiki into my classrooms.

Hello! Diann from Virginia Beach, VA. I am the Computer Resource Specialist (ITRT) for a middle school here. We have used Wikis for several projects and have learned something new every time. Wikis are great, safe way for the students to learn writing, collaboration and communication skills. But you gotta be quick and stay one step ahead of the students; they "discover" fast! I love the TeacherFirst site - it is a great source for information.

Hola, Miguel from the Bronx. Glad to be a part of such a community.

DJ in PA here: I'll be back after I check with my old-school principal, who has us submitting grades on paper forms. I don't think he is going to get wikis.

Hi everyone! My name is Theresa Reardon from Hoover, Alabama. I am the technology and math teacher at a Catholic middle school. The elementary tech teacher and I just did a workshop for teachers on wikispaces. We are really green at using wikis but are really excited about the idea and wanted to share what we knew. Hopefully, other teacher at the inservice day will set up wikis for their classes. Thanks for sharing this website so we can inform others. Great job!

Hi, I'm Kristi in Portugal trying to figure out how I can use this with my EFL students!

Hello, I am Amanda from Indiana and I am just getting started with wikis and blogs. I hope to be able to incorporate these with my classes this Fall and maybe even link to my Ning site.

Hi! I'm Vickie from West Virgina. I am taking a graduate class in Web 2.0 tools and visiting wiki sites is one of my assignments. However, we have been using wikis at my school for about a year. We use them for teacher collaboration and teacher discussions, right now. I am not aware of any teachers using them with their classes yet but I'm sure it will happen soon.
Hello! I'm Carla from California....It seems easy to edit, but how about setting up the wiki?

G'day, I'm Sue from Tasmania, Australia. I have been looking at blogging and using a wiki to be added to my classroom activities this year. I can easily see a history wiki on our community, hopefully with members of the community being invited or asking for membership of the wiki. Great way of collaboration.Check out my blog as well. Hey, that was easy to add a link.

Hello! I'm Becky from Georgia. What an exciting prospect for incorporating technology in the classroom. I look forward to finding creative ways to make use of it.

Happy New Year! Wikispaces are really going to take off in classrooms around the world in 2008. It is a response to the needs of our GenY students and a great learning experience for teachers as well, particularly those that didn't think that they had the skills to set up a resource on the Internet. This is all very exciting.

Hi everyone,
My name is Louisa from Adelaide, Australia. Great information but I'm a bit slow on the uptake! Can't imagine putting pics, blogs etc onto a wiki! It looks like html script to me - I have learnt web stuff using iweb which anyone could do with their eyes shut. If any one could help out with some REALLY basic info, please contact me!

Hi. I'm Karey from Millville Jr/Sr High School in PA. Just getting some ideas of how to get started on a wiki page. Thanks so much for your tour and helpful information.

Hi all! I'm Lisa from Killeen ISD, Texas and I just got permission to use a wikispace. I was actually thinking that having students make a social networking site all in Spanish would be an engaging way for them to use authentic technologies and forums to use their Spanish to write descriptions of their friends using correct grammar and punctuation. But I know that is a dangerous proposition, so my son told me about WikiSpaces. So that is my current project for them. Then I want them to develop this project as they learn more vocabulary by writing about their friends' likes and dislikes, their birthdays, etc. I also want them to talk to one another via email and/or chat. But I am not sure whether they need a wiki or a blog. Some work I want them to be able to do on their own, and other efforts can be collaborative. So if I understand this correctly, a blog or even emails would be a better forum for the individual efforts, correct?
So I need to know how to have them use the upside down punctuation marks, the tilde and the accents they need if they are on a pc. Also, I need students to be shielded from outside users. Most of them already have a wikispace now and i have their username and password. Do I need to delete these accounts and only link them to mine? This is so exciting but I want to do it well and right so I am not stopped and so I don't expose kids to any dangers. =)

Hi Lisa. This is the editorial team of TeachersFirst. You are wise to stop and think about the concerns for safety, especially since your students may not. You SHOULD share your thought process with them, however, after you make your decisions, That will help them to learn wise decsionmaking, as well. For collaborative effortsm you can't beat a wiki, and you can make it completely private. YOU set up the space and alow them to use their log-ins to access it. They may have a separate wiki of their own, but their wikispace log-in will allow them to goet to both. Have them do all collaborative work on the private one you set up (using an educator space). You can set that to be completely invisible to the public or read-only for the public. If you want personal writings, blogs are best. You might want to try Blogmeister if you want them to remain completely private. I would also recommend that you have them use pseudonyms and first names only when writing about their friends. See TechersFirst's Blogging Basics for the Classroom for reviews of various tools you might want to use. No matter what, have your students and parents sign an agreement before you start so everyone knows responibilities and consequences.
The "unusual" characters like accents and Spanish punctuation are easiest to get by copying/pasting into the wiki or blog from a word processing program. There are little codes for them, but they are a pain. - TF Ed.

Hi I'm Linda from New Zealand. I'm exploring wiki's as another way to enthuse my students in senior Science and Biology

This is awesome! I am a 6th grade Literacy teacher and searching for authentic audiences for my students to write to. Wiki looks like an authentic audience. I'm practicing with this to better understand it myself.
Hello all! My name is Bruce and I teach High School Biology and Psychology in Shepherd, MI. I'm interested in setting up a wiki for my freshmen to study the parts of the cells with. My hope is to set up a main page listing the various organelles and then have them hyperlinked to separate pages that groups of students 'own' and become 'geniuses' of. I just have to figure out how to get them all logged on and then restricted to various organelle pages. I would also then like them to have the ability to comment on other groups organelle pages as a form of feedback. I don't quite have my brain entirely wrapped around this idea yet. Any input would be welcomed!

Hi, Bruce....this is the TeachersFirst team. We watch new additions to this wiki via RSS feed....but that's another story (Try Google Reader or any RSS feed reader and you can "watch" what your kids are doing on the wiki from one place...a time saver!). We have some response to some of your questions...and are sharing them here in the interest of helping others, as well. Registering multiple students is not tough, thanks to wikispaces Help here. You have a couple of options for setting up different pages with limited access to certain log-ins. One is an honor system based on the fact that you can use History to track exactly which student made each change (and subtract points for any changes made by unauthorized users). That is by far the simplest. The other option is to actually make sub-wikis, as we call them: separate wikis for each organelle group, linked to a central hub wiki. No one will be able to tell that they are separate, but you can then define certain users for each sub-wiki. There is no way to define certain users for certain pages within a single wiki. The sub-wiki idea also works if you are inviting public input but do not want an student work to be "vandalized" by outsiders. Good luck with your project! - TF Ed.

Hello! My name is Toni and I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I'm learning how to become an online instructor and am interested in exploring how I can use wikis with students. I look forward to using this and other help sites -- I've been teaching for 30+ years and it's quite an experience learning to use the latest technology in the classroom at this stage in my career.

Hi, I'm Tommy and a Technology Coodinator at a Middle School in Pennsylvania. We're wandering through the TF Wiki Walk-thru for one of my graduate classes in Instructional Technology.

Hi, I'm Jodie and I'm a Library Media Specialist at a high school in the Florida Keys. I've been wanting to try wikis for a year now, and I've found a great teacher to collaborate with on a wiki for her English class. I love all the great ideas and tips on this wiki, thanks for the help!

Hi My name is Nelly Cooper, I live in North San Diego county and I've completed most of training as a teacher. I think that this is a geat way to reach out to the community in general. I've just discovered "Wikis" and I hope to use this meduim to communicate with other educators as well.
I am Ellie and I teach biology at an urban, college-prep, magnet school. I am looking forward to learning how to incorporate this neat technology into my class.
Hi, my name is Jody and I used wikispaces via a master's class, so decided to try it in my own classroom. We'll see how it goes.

hello! my name is Chris Yeshulas and I am the Technology Coach in Reading PA. I have visited and created wiki's for the first time last school year. This the first time I have visited the help sites and I think this great!

¡Hola!- Soy Sra. Henke y enseño español en una escuela intermedia. Quiero tratar de usar un "Wiki" en mi clase este año. Vamos a ver...

Hi, My name is Mark and I'm a secondary ICT teacher in Nottingham UK, I am trying to take the subject forward and think that blogging and wiki's are the key to this.

Hi Mark and Andy from the UK, and all other teachers. I teach Maths in North Ayrshire, Scotland. I am leading a project to support interrupted learners in North Ayrshire schools. I'll probably start a Wiki involving their tutors first and extend it to the pupils once I have more experience.
Regards, Willie

Hi, my name is Brenda and I am studying primary school teaching in Australia. As an "older" student, I am struggling to catch up with all the technology now available and learning how it can be utilised in the teaching environment - this is a great wiki to help get started!

Hi, My name is Anna and I'm a high school English teacher in California. I want to start a Wiki space, but I think I'm going to run it by administration first!
Hi, my name is Karen and I am a library media specialist and I am ready to Wiki!!

Hi, I'm Valerie a 5th grade teacher from Michigan. I'm excited to start this process (and a little nervous). Glad I found this!
My name in Paul Hamilton. Lets see how this works...

My name is Andy Board and I'm an ICT consultant for Nottinghamshire Local Education Authority in the UK. I am researching the use of Wikis in the primary (K-12) classroom. I have found loads of really useful information and lots of good ideas. I think I'll have a go at setting one up and getting some kids to try it out.

Hi! My name is Maureen O'Reilly. I teach secondary school English in Whitby, Ontario, and I hope to have a Wiki set up by Sept 07. Experienced users, how did you start out? This wiki is amazing - but I think I've got some small steps to walk first. How did you introduce it to students? We are a relatively low tech school - do students usually access the wiki from home or school or both? Is there an "agreement template" that I could adapt for students? I have tons of additional questions - is there a best way to ask them?

Maureen, the Wiki Warranty is an easy-to-use agreement for students to set standards for "behavior" on the wiki. Find it in the links at left. If you have not seen the TeachersFirst wiki walk-through, follow that link for a step-by-step, as well. It may answer some of your questions and show you some examples that help. Where students use the wiki depends on your situation and equity of home access for your students. Ideally, they can work on it from both places. I would definitely do a wiki walk-through of sorts in class to show them how it works---and share some examples, if your students are not familiar with the format. You may be surprised how many ARE---especially wikipedia! Where to ask your questions?? This wiki is a good place to start. There seem to be loads of people willing to help out or in the same adventurous first stages as you. Share your questions and your victories! -CHS, the creator of this wiki

Hello, I am Deborah Seyffert. I teach kindergarten in Marietta, SC. This is my first time using a wiki, and so far it is very exciting. I am not sure how I can use this with students at the beginning of school, but I can use it after Christmas when they start writing independently. I think mostly this would be a great tool for parent communication.

Hello Everyone! This is Anne Lyon, Martin, SD. I teach K-6 Music and Technology at Martin Grade School in Martin, SD. I'm excited to learn more about how to use a wikispace in the classroom!! Now I know what my summer project is!

Eileen Warmbrand, Middle School 118, Bronx, NY. Looking to try the teachers wiki site. I am very cautious, but willing to try.

Hi everyone, my name's Miguel and I teach Middle and High School students in Jaen, Spain. I would like to know whether there's a way to control who can access and modify a specific wikispace. I mean, is there a way to restrict a space to a specific group of students to edit while it's still visible to everyone? Thank you very much. Oh! I almost (well actually) forgot. Can anyone recommend me most suitable blogging tool for use in the classroom along with the wikispaces? and also where can I find ideas and suggestions for the classroom? Thanks again.

Hi Miguel! This is the wiki organizer from TeachersFirst. You can restrict a space by giving each student a separate account and only allowing edits by members. Every edit shows up in the History with the name of the person who did it, so you can "revert" the page if a students who was not "allowed" on that page alters it. I strongly recommend that you require signatures on the Wiki Warranty with your students (see the menu at left). Spelling out consequences and showing them the fact that you can TELL when they make changes will head off the problem. There is additional practical advice in the TeachersFIrst Wiki Walkthrough. TeachersFirst also has a teacher-friendly tutorial on Blogging Basics for the Classroom, including comparisons of blogging tools.

Hi My name Gene. I teach in an alternative HS in Iowa. I'm just exploring using wikis in our environment. I think our students would enjoy using this medium. For some of us teacher - we have a lot to learn. I need to learn if pages are reviewed before they are posted. I can imagine issues of inappropriate language; if stuff is posted and accessible online, the school could get a "black eye". It appears I could go down to the paragraph below and rewrite Chrissy's material and put some "bad stuf" in it..

Hi Gene - You can create a wiki at http://www.k12.bz/JSPWiki and restrict viewing access to members of your group. Once your group is finished editing, you may lock down the page for only yourself to edit and open the view for public or group viewing access. If you have a wikispaces page you may create links to and from your other wiki. This will eliminate the possibilty of getting a "black eye". Example: http://helpingstudents.org/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Permissions

Hi Gene- this is the wiki "organizer"-- You are right that a wiki allows people to alter the work of others. The idea is that it promotes positive collaboration (and may help some of your students improve much-needed interpersonal skills). As a teacher you should have some very specific policies on wiki use and spell out consequences for inappropriate use. You --as the organizer--- can "see" every change that has been made, who made it, and when. You can set it to email you to notify you of every change. You can set the wiki itself so no one except member can see it, if you wish. If you want more suggestions about management, including a downloadable wiki agreement, see the TeachersFirst Wiki Walkthrough.

Ki Ora! My name is Chrissy and I teach Year 7 students at an Intermediate School in Taradale, New Zealand. I read about wikispaces in the CoolCat Teacher Blog of Vicki Davis. I've been following her wikispace on the Flat Classroom Project and have been inspired to start a wikispace and a blog! I found your teachersfirst wiki review by accident and I'm so pleased I did. It's full of fantastic hints on how to get started so I'm a little more focused now. Thank you so much for sharing this kind of stuff! I can't wait to get started when our school year begins again in February 2007!

Hi! My name is Andrea Blanco and I teach students in the fourth grade at Harvest Ridge Elementary in Francis Howell School District. I saw the advertisement for a wikki and was curious how it worked. I use a blog in my classroom and was wondering if this was a similar tool. Have a great day :)

Hi Andrea! I think there is a place for both wikis and blogs in your classroom. The major difference is in the number of kids who "author" any piece of text (or audio or video or image or whatever). Instead of posts and comments, each written by a single person, a wiki has ALL content ( or most of it) created by multiple people in cooperation with each other. (CHS)

My name is Nicki and I'm visiting to see how others use wiki's. I'm planning to use one in my Media & Communications classe for high school students. Since it's the first time a wiki will be used at our school, I want to make sure I do the best I can to understand the "inner workings" and set it up properly (for our school) so it can be used to showcase to other departments and administrators. Read/write forms of communications is such an exciting form of dialogue and I can hardly wait for the class to start. Oops, I guess I'd better create the wiki first. Thanks for providing this space to learn and practice!

Hi! My name is Nora Pelaia and I am teaching English Grammar at an official teachers training college in Argentina. I first learnt about wikis and WIkispaces in particular while studying for my masters Degree on technological innovations applied to education. It was this wki in particular our tutor suggested so that we should get acquainted with this new tool. Just like Nicki said I´m touring the site to understand the " inner workings " of this wiki to plan how to use it with my students. Thank you for letting us teachers use this space. It has proved useful and interesting!

Hi Nora, my name is.Lori Urban and I am a Library Aide at Rio Grande Ele (3-5) in New Mexico. I recenty attended an introduction class to "wikkis and blogs" and immediatley became very excited. I would like to use it as a collaboration tool for our teachers and myself. Slowly introduce the students on the many uses...I am looking forward to using and implementing this tool. I know everyone at my school will love it. What a wonderful way to share our thoughts and ideas. Thank you,TeacherFirst," for letting us practice on your site. Have fun with your "wikkis!!!"

Hi, Lori! Thank you for communicating. I´m organising a wiki using Wikispaces for my English Grammar1 group together with a parallel group of grammar 1 taught by a colleague, in the teacher training college where we work. Both, my colleague and I became very excited when we learnt about this cooperative activities. One of the groups is oriented towards a traditional view of grammar, the other is oriented to a transformational generative approach. We want our respective students to work on the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches. We think WikiSpaces is the perfect tool for the type of activity we want. Once we have everything ready we´d like to share the results with everybody.

Hi! My name is Effie Waguespack. I teach at Paulina Elementary in Louisiana. I am interested in learning more about wikis.

Hola! My name is Bonnie Armbruster from Illinois and I really appreciate your wiki page!

Hello all! Using TeachersFirst to learn about what's new in technology is a great idea - thanks! My name is Laurie Smith and I am a librarian in Granby, Connecticut.

Hi! My name is Suzanne Ketchum and I teach fourth grade in Thornwood NY (45 mins. North of Manhattan). I am in Graduate School earning a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology. I am looking forward to using the wikis.

Hello, I'm Dawn Bushman from Tempe, Arizona. I run the computer lab at an elementary school here and am looking forward to trying out a wikispace. Thanks for all the work on your wiki!

Hello to everyone in wikkiland! My name is Sarah Wright and I teach 4th grade in Okaloosa County, Florida. I am hoping to develop a wikki for 4th and 5th grade students to use to collaborate and receive instructional support while we complete the dreaded science fair process. This is my first wikki and I am very excited!!!!!!

Hi, I'm Katrina and I am a library media specialist at Sage Park Middle School in Windsor, CT. I am looking forward to trying out a wiki to help students from 3 different teams collaborate on a 6th grade Social Studies project. I am a little nervous to get started. Thanks for designing this site. I hope it works!

Hello Teachers! My name is Amy and I am also from Okaloosa County, Florida (we're up by Pensacola - in the heart of "hurricaneville" ). I'm at our county technology lab for teachers where I am learning the new art of Wikispaces hosted by our wonderful Tech Ladies! I teach Gifted Education and I am also our school's Media Specialist. I'm very excited about my students using a "Wiki Walk" to highlight the activities and programs at our elementary school. Thanks for all of the great information I have found on this site from the owners and from other teachers! Have a wonderful day!

Hello fellow teachers, My name is Mary Yurus and I'm excited to begin a new project using wikis in my seventh grade Spanish classroom in Putnam Valley, NY. Wish me luck!

Hi! I am Beazy Linsy. Really excited about this! Good luck to all

Hi. Mr. Waldman here.

Hi. I am Brett from Oklahoma and I am looking to incorporate a wiki page to help students in my Algebra II and Calculus courses to collaborate on HW as well as test prep and review.

Greetings, I am Mike Kelly, a 3rd gr. teacher and tech lab w/ no set curriculum - teacher from WV. Glad to happen upon this web site.
Thank you TeachersFirst.

Hello from Nancy Brim, Atlanta, Georgia. I am researching Wikis for use in high school science. I think I will use it as a review for the midterm and final exams initially. Thanks for the initial help TeachersFirst.

Greetings from New York City. My name is Cheryl and I'm an elementary school librarian. I'm hoping to create a wiki for my library with a "good books" page for kids to recommend titles to each other. I may also add a "How-To" page for kids to contribute to (a la "WikiHowTo")
What a wonderful project--thanks for sharing

Thanks for all the info! My name is Renee, and I'm in Texas. I'm looking forward to starting my own wiki (with the approval of administration). I'm a little overwhelmed by all that can be done

Hi, my name is Hope. I am learning more about wikis and how they can be used to benefit the classroom. So far, I am impressed and see it as a great learning tool.

Hello, everyone. My name is Nicole I am trying to learn how to use a wiki. It has been a little interesting so far.........

I finally understand a lot more about wikis - thanks, Grace

Hi, I am Erika. I'm hoping to start a wiki for my second grade class. We'll see . . .

Hello! I'm Rochelle, and I'm just beginning to understand the concept of wikis.
Hello! My name is Debra. I am a beginner and I am hoping to learn how to use these tools!

I have almost no experience to wiki's except for wiki-pedia. After sifting through this site I have a basic idea of what a wiki can actually offer to the field of education. I am facinated with the idea of offering my classroom ideas and experiences from my classroom. In my second year of teaching I can say that some of the best plans/resources I have implemented were not original. I think collaboration is essential to the success of your classoom. I am curious to learn more because the wiki is completly foreign to me. It is almost like being on an internet team. I am interested in setting up a wiki for my schools special education teachers. I feel like there is never enough time in the day for department colaboration. I am excited about exploring the wiki. ( comment originally entered under discussion tab on this wiki's home page. copied here by the editors).

Thanks for the info. I hope to create a better wiki. I am using it for my library and hope to get collaboration about books and reviews. It will also give parents a place to see what we do in the library. Judy Topeka, KS

I have no experience with wiki's but am willing to try just about anything when it comes to technology. I hope to create a wiki to pass imformation and homework assignments on to my parents for this coming school year. We shall see! Lori Gulley, Berea,

Hi from Australia
I am a real beginner at this but am keen to learn! Chris, year 3-4 teacher Melbourne

I'm also from Australia. I have just been trialling the use of wikis in novel studies with year 7s, using Chinese Cinderella as the novel. Thanks for setting up this wiki - what a fabulous resource!
Shireen, year 5-8 teacher, Melbourne

I'm living in Ramstein Germany. I am just learning about wiki websites.

Hi, I'm trying this wiki and still do not know how to use it... ;o)

Good afternoon from Anchorage, Alaska! I used a Wiki for a number of years with my 6th graders. They'd take notes on it, add to a class page of links and use it for the class agenda so they'd have a record of what was learned and the homework for the night. I wish I had known about this site when I was doing that! Marilyn

Hi, I'm Sandy and live in Cumberland, Maryland. I have never made my own wiki, just participated in a few in the last year or two. I'd like to start to incorporate more technology in the classroom without investing my entire life to create, as some of the wiki's I've seen look like someone else has done. I'm still deciding if it's a good fit and weighing the pros and cons. I teach 6th grade and some of my students do not even have a computer to be able to participate in the learning experience using a wiki.

Hi everyone!

My name is Judi and I live in Sarasota, FL. I work in Bradenton as an Assistant Preschool Director, as well as a VPK Program Director. I just finished my second Master'ps degree in the MS of Educational Technology program at DeVry University. I learned about Wikis in my classes here. I am sold that Wikis definitely have a purpose in the school setting and the purpose of my Capstone is to prove that using a wiki environment is a technologically innovative way to to integrate technology into doing Book Reports using Web 2.0 technology, rather than using the old written on paper version!

Hello!! Greeting from Woodville,Texas. This is fun!!!

Hello, I am Courtney from Cedar Rapids, IA. I have used Google Docs and an in a tech class learning more about wikis and online learning. Love it!

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Can't wait to learn more today. Thank you -Mary C go fuck yourself dirty whores

Teaching... the greatest, never ending, 24/7, lifelong journey of trying new things while touching the future. Can't wait to wiki with my students!

Hello! I am Annette from Maryland. I'm learning about using wikis in my classroom!!

Kim here from Maryland learning about wikis I in an online course. Any ideas how I can use it in an elementary PE class?

Hello, my name is Penny Green and I am from Missouri. I am taking an online course and a requirement is to learn about the wiki.

Hi, my name is Katie. I am a library tech. I am here to learn how we can use a wiki here in the library.

Hi, I am Shannon from northern Nevada, learning how to use Wiki.

Hi, I'm a history teacher thinking about using a wiki for a Silk Roads project.

Hi, I am a Substitute teacher. I am hoping this course will help me when I come into a classroom with no plans.

Hello, I am Amy from Iowa. I teach high school special education and I hope this will help my students in their abilities to understand their different subjects and prepare for tests.

Hello! Great site!

Hi! 'Rin Page from Moncks Corner, SC. I teach high school chemistry and physics. I'm excited about incorporating wikis into my classroom.\

Good morning, my name is Merline Ballard and I'm a health and physical education teacher. I am taking a district technology course which requires me to understand wikis.

Hello my name is JoAnne and I am an Educational Technology coordinator at an independent k-12 school in Milwaukee. I am trying to learn as much as I can to be able to share with my teachers in the lower school.

Hi. Steve from Cairns. Just a student teacher learning what I can.