TeachersFirst's **Wiki Walk-Through** will help you plan proactively and avoid many barriers to using a wiki. We can't think of everything, however.

Use this page to tell your fellow teachers about any problems that may have occurred in the course of setting up your wiki and using it with your class. Did you have difficulty with school policies? Parent concerns? Logistical or technical issues? Classroom management or access issues? How did you solve your problem or remove the barrier?

Wow - I have plenty! - Diann, CRS, Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA
First attemp on a weather Wiki; thinking the students could all log in with one login to edit a page on a classroom full of laptops - wrong! What a disaster! Everyone's postings were disapearing as fast as they were going up!

2nd attempt - Wiki for a communication tool for the Yearbook club. Worked much better! I even have a Wiki Editor who keeps the Wiki current so I don't have to worry about it. It was a great summer assigment site and communication site!

3rd attempt - Used for a pen pal project between our middle school AVID class and a school in Northern Ireland. It has been almost a year now. We got a rocky start, but slowly things have really come together. Our students all have their own logins (both countries) and regularly communicate through the email section and discussion sections. We have to lay down rules fast in the beginning and we still have to remind the students of what they should and should not be posting. We have incorporated a chat room which is an adventure in itself! We used permission forms the parents had to sign, and posted Wiki and chat quidelines that we regularly review. The profile pages are interesting. As soon as one student created a profile page, they all wanted to. We again had to lay down guidelines on what they could or could not post. It has taken this long to really work out the bugs. We now have a great assignment posted on the students favorite place to visit. We will be finishing it early 2009. The student each have their own page and we plan to "view" each of the pages and use the discussion area to post questions. We will see how that works. Visit our site: https://kempsville-avid.wikispaces.com/. It is two sites in one; a public side and a private side for safety reasons.

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