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You may use this space to respond to and build on what you learn from the TeachersFirst Step by Step Wiki Walk-Through.
Haven't seen it? Take a look for a great intro to wikis in the classroom.

Use the links at the left to share your ideas and successes using a class wiki. We have locked only this opening page so our visitors will never "lose" the introduction!

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For your information, TeachersFirst did the following things to this wiki:
  • Changed the theme to Bubble (Under Manage Space > Look and Feel)
  • Edited the theme colors (Under Manage Space > Look and Feel)
  • Added our own logo (Under Manage Space > Look and Feel)
  • Added several pages (Edit Navigation or New Page) Note: If you add a page using Edit Navigation, it will show at left. You may not always want this, so you can also add by clicking "New Page."

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