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Building Ethical Digital Citizens (including Copyright images)

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Links/files mentioned or used during this session:

Common Sense Media Curriculum

Common Sense Media: The Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship (VIDEO)

Common Sense Media: Encouraging Digital Citizenship (VIDEO)

Know The Net (Infographic)

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship

Relevant Tags to Explore on Teachers First

Digitizal Citizenship

Internet Safety

Cyber Bullying

Copyright and Fair Use

Class Policies, Digital Footprint, and Netiquette

TeachersFirst General Tips on Class Policies

TeachersFirst (adaptable) Elementary Policy - Download

TeachersFirst (adaptable) Wiki Policy - Download

Cyraryman - AUP resources

Review - Scope and Sequence - Common Sense Media

Review - Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship (see videos for Digital Footprint and Netizen)

Review - Manners Matter: Infographic

Creative Commons and Citing

Review - CompFight

Review - ImageCodr

Demonstration on How to Use CompFight (created for MSL project by Kevin Bower)