good Have you seen or been involved with a good example of a class wiki? Please tell us about it and include the link!

Connecting Special Educators Across the continents.(Let's get this going, stay tuned) I am a Special Educator in Maine looking to connect with and share ideas with other Special Educators around the world.

Example of a well organized and highly efficient wikispace in education with interactive student discussion, resources, videos, etc! Look Around:


Example of a high school integrating their wikispaces wiki into the directory of teacher wikis.

In New Berlin we created a wiki to put information about our author we studied and read books by, Gary Paulsen, check it out.

We are doing our first wiki at the Dwight School in NYC and we hope to re-write a story together.

The Renaissance Charter School's Wiki: Focuses on our English classes "The Literature and Culture of Cities" (9th Grade) and "Critical Thinking in a Global Society" (10th grade)

Great ideas. thanks for sharing. ly in wisconsin
I am a CWC high school teacher and have created the following wiki so students can keep up with notes and assignments. I would welcome any ideas or comments on how to improve it.

I have been using a wiki as the central vehicle for my science classes (Biology and Environmental Science) the last few years:

Wiki: Discovery -Isms
Teacher: Ben Wilkoff (Teacher Blog)
School: Cresthill Middle School
Description: I want my students to know who they are, completely. I want them to be able to stand up to people who disagree, and I want you to know that they are right. I want them to enter high school with an absolute confidence that no one will be able tear down or cut through. More than anything else, I want their voice to be clear as crystal when they say, “I am me.” That is what this wiki aims to do.

Wiki: Discovery Utopias
Teacher: Ben Wilkoff (Teacher Blog)
School: Cresthill Middle School
Description: The students on the Discovery team are creating a pluralistic vision of perfection in society. They use this wiki to answer all of the great questions of society (What is the role of government, What is the responsibility of the individual, etc.) and come to a collaborative consensus about what a society truly needs in order to reach for perfection and sustainability.

Wiki: desbuffalo
Teacher: Bev Koopman (Classroom Blog & Website)
School: Discovery Elementary, MN
Description: Discovery Elementary is a multiage magnet school (public school) which was founded on a few principles, identified best practices, and five common school values. Our values are summed up with the 5C's, Care, Cooperate, Collaborate, Contribute and Celebrate. These are the spokes of a star that surround and are surrounded by the concept of Community. My classroom is composed of third, fourth and fifth grade students. All students work together on the same subjects, as their individual developmental/intellectual level.

We are using the wikispaces message boards for collective conversations that help to organize thinking before the actual writing the of the wiki. Science and Social Studies topics will get wiki pages, but I expect the most intense activity to be totally student-driven wikis and message boards created about books students have read. I am hoping to see increased quality and deepened thought though this method of collaboration. This is the research subject for my master's degree.

Teacher: Catherine Madnick, 9th grade Global History
School: Monticello High School, Monticello, NY

Description: Honestly folks, I don't know what I'm doing but, this is exciting. I spent winter break setting up my Social Studies wiki with the intent of getting kids to use their techno skills to do homework. Most are on Facebook, AIM, Myspace all night, so why not have them visit the wiki? I have gotten a great response.

As of now, I'm unsure of my direction.
I have assigned dicussion threads as homework, and students in all my classes created a page of Roman Arches.
I have also done alot to organize the wiki from when I started--it was a mess!
We also have a Global Squirrel as a mascot and are having a Name the Squirrel Contest.

Any suggestions would be good.

Teacher: Prestine Parten, K-12 District Instructional Technology Specialist
School: Deming Public Schools, Deming, NM
Description: I started off making a wiki to help one PreK-6 school with resources for new and current teachers. They had so many websites to try to remember, I thought I'd do a one-stop area for all of their links. (they've set the teacher page to be the home page in their browsers!) It has since grown to be used throughout the district. There are pages for Teachers, for Kids, for Parents, and now even Computer Lab managers. It has a lot of resources for teachers trying to integrate technology, including lessons and templates, links for educational games, and Web 2.0 tools. Some teachers have given me websites to add, although no one was ready to jump into being a contributor. Kids have loved when they had "Parten's Wiki Day" to explore homework help and science fair sites. Now I have Internet safety sites added in for the computer lab managers, along with sites for ideas for their labs.
I hope you may find this a resource as well!

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