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Here are links to some sample classroom wikis.

LOPP a few to get ideas:

  • Look

  • Overall organization

  • Pedogogical Reasons (likely) for this wiki

  • Possibilities for contribution and expansion.

HUGE collection of educational wikis on WikiSpaces. Wiki creators add the information about their wiki here:

The wikis below are active or archived. The ideas vary widely and can give you a taste of the diverse options. Try your own ideas or "hitchhike" on an idea you find here!

Wikis that have characteristics of a "hub" for the class are marked with *hub*. If you find others, feel free to copy/paste this designation and Edit this page to add it where appropriate.

Elementary very active 5th grade wiki in Pennsylvania. Note that some links in the navigation area are to OUTSIDE sites.*hub* First graders worked on this book buddy wiki! 2nd and 3rd grade wiki with loads of embedded goodies *hub* 2nd grade wiki *hub* K-6 school uses a single wiki for sharing research projects. (Uses PBWiki tool). Well organized. a 4th grade wiki *hub* (actually a hub as organizer for several separate wikis) 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade wiki a wiki to help 1st and 2nd graders understand the concept of 1000 a choose your own adventure story wiki from Australia (gr 3 and 4) Jennifer Wagner's Seuss wiki an elementary schoolwide wiki using PBWorks tool third grade wiki using PBWorks - each student has own page *hub* 1st and 4th grade "book buddy wiki" with cool embedded "widgets" 4th grade cooperative story (script) wiki a student-created "field guide" by 5th graders using the wetpaint wiki tool (no longer free)

Middle School a sixth grade class for more than one subject a library's resource -sharing wiki (couldn't the kids add to it, too?) Frank H. Harrison Middle School Civil Rights wiki Sargent Park School eighth grade students explain math Dedwood Middle School math wiki St. Francis Xavier School 7th and 8th grade wikis middle school 50 states wiki class hub for information literacy classes, gr 6-8 *hub* a collaboration between many schools, centered on one book a middle school wiki connecting several team teacher wikis together middle school language arts wiki (class hub) made using PBWorks *hub* middle to high school wiki for "CoolCatTeacher" and her classes *hub* middle school language arts wiki (a TeachersFirst reviewer/editor and OK2Ask moderator)

High School Louise Maine's 2010-2011 wiki *hub* (Biology, Environmental Science) Louise Maine's 2009-2010 wiki! *hub* (English) (Biology) International Academy wiki "gateway" to student project wikis in multiple subjects
Blue Waffle Infection History & Language Arts (California is liiking for help writing a textbook. Could your student contribute?) Year 10 (gr 9) English wiki from Australia. Includes team project pages (wetpaint is no longer free) Hunter College High School wiki Salisbury High School chemistry The original flat classroom project was conducted by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, their classes in Georgia and Bangladesh collaborated on the book The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. One student from each class were paired together and had to discuss topics from the book. a world-wide collaborative project about racism using the wiki as a hub, but incorporating many tools. A new generation of Flat Classroom project from Vicki Davis and others. middle to high school wiki for "CoolCatTeacher" and her classes *hub* classroom hub for HS English and History classes *hub* class hub for a very techie-teacher's courses in computer technology, including award-winning world-wide collaboration projects (see flat classroom project above)*hub* a high school theatre-related wiki a Spanish "virtual textbook" wiki used as the course "hub." *hub* a high school IB Art program wiki...includes individual student portfolio pages (under "student pages"). Not all complete but some *hub*(wetpaint is no longer free) wiki for adult ELL students (wetpaint is no longer free)

Here are some collections of wikis and teacher-to-teacher wikis-about-wikis and ideas for ways to use them:
Wikispaces blog for "featured Wikis" in education another collection of examples WHY use them and examples of assignment formats that adapt well to wikis